1908 I beg thee to obtain for me the grace to live a holy life and die a happy death.

St. Mary’s Convent 310 Edwards St. Shreveport, Louisiana February 29, 1908 to Monroe, Louisiana

Sister St. Ignatius to Jane Calderwood O’Kelly


My dear Jennie,

I feel really sorry for you to have so muck sickness; I can truly sympathize with as I have had a large share of that cross September. But I have been more fortunate than you. I had only to nurse others and worry my mind about them. I have been enjoying the best of health. Sister Mary Edward went to St. Vincent’s two weeks ago. Perhaps the pure air of the country will benefit her; but I fear her teaching days are over.

It is time for you or Bootsie to come help me. I enclose a little picture with the prayer of the Novena of Grace in honor of St. Francis Xavier scribbled on the back of it. Thousands of Catholics all over the world will make that Novena from March 4th to March 12th. Won’t you and Bootsie  join in that Novena and have an [?] for me?

Is Abe at home? He can say that beautiful prayer too. It will do him a great deal of good. I have not failed to make that Novena for years – and always find great consolation in repeating, “I beg thee to obtain for me the grace to live a holy life and die a happy death.” This is the only necessary thing, is it not?

What is Abe doing? I hope he is always the same good boy I knew some years ago.

Give the enclosed badge to your dear Grandma with my love. Remember me affectionately to Bootsie and Abe. With best regards to “Papa” and bushels of love to your dear self.

I am Yours ever devotedly

Sister St. Ignatius Daughters of the Cross


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