1891 Meyer Bro. Credit Receipt

Meyer Brothers

Illustration closeup of the Meyer Brothers General Merchandise.

The Meyer brothers were Bavaria natives Solomon, Herman and Sigmund Meyer. The Meyer’s settled in Monroe around 1860 and  played a significant role in establishing Jewish roots and landmarks in the city. Sigmund served as a drummer in the Civil War and after returning from army life, he opened Sig Meyer Mercantile on the corner of DeSiard and Grammont streets. In 1876 he added to the business and went into partnership with his brothers and formed Meyer Bros. Mercantile. By the time this receipt was issued Meyer Brothers had consolidated as a general merchandise store that carried quite a bit of everything. Both the O’Kelly’s and Van Emburghs shopped at the store and it’s likely that most folks in Monroe did.

Meyer Brothers

Credit receipt issued to Malinda Van Emburgh


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