April 1868 Malinda and the Children

Malinda and her children

Left to right: James George, Malinda, and Georgiana Van Emburgh.
Taken by E.W. Mealy Monroe, Louisiana.

Upon learning of her son’s abandonment of his family, his mother Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest was anxious to receive another, more detailed, letter from her daughter-in-law Malinda and enclosed five dollars, instructing Malinda and the children to have their “carte-vistas” taken and sent with her response letter to New Jersey “immediately”. As per her mother-in-laws request, Malinda dressed herself and her two children in their best clothes and walked into town to pose for a family portrait at the recently established photography studio of E.W. Mealy. They had never had their images taken, war and poverty had had not allowed for such a luxury. Five dollars was a precious sum of money for Malinda to have been given and so she smartly paid for only one group photograph of her family, keeping a copy for herself, and put the remainder towards more practical needs.


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