1888 William brings Georgiana to The Hotel Dieu

New Orleans December 6, 1888 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Sr. to his mother-in-law Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Dear Mother,

Georgie seems to be much better today. She was a little home sick last night but got over it this morning. She Has a nice room and every attention.The doctor thinks she will be greatly improved in a short while. The doctor is very highly spoken of by Mr. Lyons and others. I had intended to go home this evening but I will have to stay until Georgie gets better word to staying by her self. The boy is in very good health. He does not want to go home yet. Georgie stood the trip very well, but it was very hard to get anything that she could eat with satisfaction and we were so long on the way I was afraid she would be worse out. I don’t know when I will leave for home. I will write home again tomorrow and will probably then know when I will travel.

We all send our love and kisses to you all. I was sorry the cook left and hope old [name?] will stay until I get back. I got a letter from Uncle and one from Mills. I hope the baby will get better now.

Yours Affectionately,

W. A. O’Kelly

Tell Uncle to turn over any Catholic Knight papers as letters to Mr. Hughes


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