1888 Georgiana writes home while receiving treatment for tuberculosis

The Ouachita Telegraph December 15th 1888 ~ Ms. Wm. O’Kelly is visiting New Orleans for the benefit of her health. Mr. O’Kelly accompanied her but returned home Sunday.

Hotel Dieu New Orleans 1873

1873 Illustration of Hotel Dieu.
Source: Jewell’s Crescent City Illustrated, Author Edwin L. Jewell.

New Orleans December 1888, Hotel Dieu Thursday night to Monroe, Louisiana

Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly to her mother Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

My Dear Mother,

I know you are anxious to hear from me. The Dr. comes twice a day to see me. I am getting along fine. He said this evening that I would be well. He is giving me plenty of medicine. I get very lonesome sometimes for home. I will be so glad when I do get well. The Sisters are kindness. All kind of nice nourishment good enough for the most delicate stomach and plenty of it and they just beg you to eat it. I am going to get [?] to [?] an walk about some. I was up a good while this morning went to the washstand and washed my face and hands and then combed my hair.

A thousand kisses for you all. I heard the baby had three teeth.

I will write soon again to you,


write to me right away


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