1889 Upon Receiving News of Georgiana’s Death

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana February 24th 1889

Anna Post to her Aunt Malinda Van Emburgh upon receiving news of Georgiana’s death

Dear Aunt

Sunday afternoon and have come home from Sunday school and some little time before tea so will occupy it by writing to you. I want you to thank that young lady for me who wrote that letter to me telling me of the sad death of my cousin and I was really much surprised to hear of it as I did not know she was ailing. I scarcely know what to write to you to console you as I think at such a time as when one is in deep grief words are of little value and I only can say it is very hard for you but there are these four little children left without a mothers care so you and her husband will have to take her cares and be all in all to them and there is only one who can you broken hearts and that is God who loves us all  and is full of tender compassion and this my prayer that he will keep and guide and uphold you in your deep sorrow. Uncle Zeolotes [Demarest]  and [his wife] Aunt Elmira are both quite well and send love to you. Grandma [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] is quite smart for her and I think looks well, she is troubled some with neuralgia when she gets cold, Aunt Malinda when you write me again will you please send the exact date that James Garret was killed, we have misplaced the letter telling us and as we wish to know I thought I would write and find out. My sister [Elmira Post Noonan] and family are all quite well except her youngest child* [Henry Noonan] he is not very well he has intemitting fever he is a little boy over five years old but it is nothing serious. There is a great deal of sickness here in Paterson this winter and so pneumonia it seems it has become almost an epidemic and so many young people seem to have it and die with it. Pa [Helgmagh Post] and I are both very well but Ma [Kezia Demarest Post] health is not very good she is not sick abed but she has nervous prostration and you know it takes a long time to get over that . We have had no sleighing here this winter. Write soon

With love and sympathy from all to you all who are in sorrow I am ever

Yours in love

Anna H Post

* The boy, Henry Noonan who was ill with intemitting fever passed away shortly after this letter was written.


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