1889 Observations of Lake Pontchartrain following the death of his wife

New Orleans September 9, 1889 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’kelly to his Mother-In-Law Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Dear Ma

We arrived here safely the next day without any adventure. It was terribly warm that night in the sleeper until the train started. After that we did very well. I had to buy Sonny a pair of new shoes the next day as the ones he had on hurt him so he could not walk. I got him a nice hat on Friday, but he lost it last night.

We have been out to the Lake three times and yesterday we went across the lake to Mandeville where we spent a very pleasant day. We got a fine dinner for 57 cents in the evening. I took the boy on the shore and took his clothes off and let him play about in the water for half an hour. He enjoyed himself ever so much. It is about 35 miles across the lake it took over two hours to make the run. You cannot see from our side to the other and when we were in the middle it looked right green. Some people were sea sick but we was not. It was on the way back son lost his hat. Then was such a [?] to get off and to get to the train. I am doing better but the boy seems to be going right along he does not want to go home yet. We both send love to you all. Kiss the children from us.

Yours Affectionately



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