1885 St. Patrick’s Day Invitation

The Irish citizens of Vicksburg request the pleasure of your company at their First Annual Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day at Magnolia Hall,  Tuesday Evening, March 17th 1885.

1885 St. Patrick's Day Invitation

ARRANGEMENT: T. J. Brennan, Chairman. John Walsh, D.J. O’Keefe, J.J. Mulligan, J.S. Horan. INVITATION: M.J. Mulvihill, Chairman.R. Mc Dermott, Thomas Franey, John McQuaide, R. O’Leary. FLOOR: John Rodge Jr., Chairman, A.F. Garvy, John Maloney, James Golden, John C. Kearney. RECEPTION: George T. Hardy, Chairman. Charles Muldoon, P. Feeney, P.J. Foley, Jas. H. Walsh.


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