Letters from Logtown 1892-1893

Logtown was situated on the Ouachita river, south of Monroe, Louisiana. It was a small inland port of no notable history if not for the Logtown Plantation built by Jean Baptiste Filhiol, grandson of the founding father of Monroe. When Mattie Harrison married on February 10, 1892, she moved to the Logtown plantation where her husband William T. Simpson worked for the Filhiol family. Following her marriage,  Mattie wrote several letters to her aunt Malinda and all but the following three are too damaged to transcribe.

Log Town, Louisiana to Monroe, Louisiana February 13, 1892

Mattie Harrison Simpson to her aunt Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Dear Aunt Linn,
It was a disappointment to me that I was unable to get around to see you again before I left, there were so many things to be attended to at the last that I was busy all the time. I was glad to see the children, and to get a chance to tell them good bye.

The flowers you sent me were so pretty. I appreciated them and wore the hyacinths in my hair and at my throat.
I hope you are feeling much better by now and will continue to improve. No one from home has written to me yet, am in hopes of getting a letter tonight.

Mrs. Brown and her daughter are so pleasant and kind to me, they treat me more as one of the family than as a stranger.
All the near neighbors have called on me already, they seem inclined to be sociable and friendly. I am sure I will be pleased with the place, you know it is such a change from the town life, I think it will do me good. I received some very pretty presents, one of them a suit of furniture, has not come yet, as it is from Mr. Filhiol I am sure it will be something nice.
When you get to feeling well again, and can spare a little time, i will be very glad to hear from you. Give my kind regards to William, my love to you and the children.

Your loving niece,
Mattie Harrison Simpson

At Home [Monroe] December 24, 1892

Dear Aunt Linn –
Your nice Christmas remembrance is just received and Mamma [Martha Dull Harrison] wishes to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. We will call on Mis O`Kelly* early next week if the weather permits, we would both like so much to meet her.
With love and best wishes for a happy Christmas,
I remain your loving niece

Mattie H Simpson

*Possibly Delia Dwyer O’Kelly, wife of Thomas Swan O’Kelly.

Logtown, Louisiana to Monroe, Louisiana February 19, 1893

Dear Aunt Lin,
We so much regretted having to leave town without seeing yo again; we were intending to spend the day with you in a few days; I told mamma [Martha Dull Harrison] I felt like I hadn’t seen you at all that evening Mis O’Kelly left. We didn’t know we should leave so soon till Mr. Simpson [William T. Simpson] came Sunday Morning, he himself did not know it until the evening before. We would have gone around that evening, but Dr. Alexander spent the day with us and did not leave till nearly dark.

But I hope to see you soon, for we will be in touch either next Sunday or that following. We think of staying all night and returning Monday night, and of course I will manage to see you in that time.

We have got a real nice place down here, the house is not as good as we would like, but we are very comfortable. There is a large garden, orchard, of pear, plum, peach and apple trees, front and backyard and lot with a nice stable. We have a right good start in the garden, and I have some chickens and turkeys.

I wish you could see the baby now. She has improved so much and is so good. the best baby I ever saw, she couldn’t be better. We have decided to name her Jeanie for Mr. Simpson’s little sister. He loved the little thing so dearly, and thought she was such a lovely little child, both in face and disposition, that I was glad to name her that, and end the discussion.

We are going to have our pictures taken, all in a group. can’t afford a separate one for each of us. Mamma had a picture from Sister recently. herself with the six children grouped around her;it is so good, we will bring it to show you, as you will know just how they all look, for it is just exactly like them.

Baby is getting sleepy and tired, so I must quit now and take her. Our love to the children and kindest regards to William. Mr. Simpson send his kind regards to you.
Your loving niece,
Mattie H. Simpson


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