1926 We buried my best friend here on Friday

New Orleans August 30 1926 to Monroe, Louisiana

Thomas Swan O’Kelly to his brother William Abram O’Kelly

Dear Brother,
Your letter received two days ago. Sorry to learn that you have had so much sickness, and thank God that you pulled through all right. I.L.Lyons Jr. who handles the real estate of the [Orleans] parish, thinks that he got $ 9,500 for that Washington street property.
We buried my best friend here on Friday, Mr. Theo Lyons. 74 years old, he had been sick for a long time, just gradually wore out. I see by the papers yesterday that Jennie is going to have quite a time traveling around on that legions business. Hope she does not have to strenuous a trip and get sick over it. We heard from Willis* on Saturday, he has come to Miami Florida in charge of one of those million dollar yachts belonging to some rich man in Pittsburgh, Pa. I do not think he likes the job, it is too garrish. His address is W. D. O`Kelly #150 S. E. First st. c/o A. H. Wagg Co. I hope he gets some money out of it , poor fellow has had a hard time of it. I think he has too much temper to hold any job long. He flies off the handle too quick. We are all in fine health at present and all join in much love and kisses to you all and many hugs for that blessed baby [Mary Linn O’Kelly] of course Jennie will come through New Orleans.
Your loving brother,
Tom O`Kelly

*Willis Depew O’Kelly, son of Thomas O’Kelly and Delia Dwyer. Born February 11th 1897 New Orleans. Died January 1st 1953 in Los Angeles.


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