1885 William searches for an nurse to care for his wife Georgiana who is suffering from tuberculosis

New Orleans, Louisiana June 30th 1885 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Sr. to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

William to Georgiana

My Dear Wife,

I have tried three asylums but have not succeeded in getting a nurse, the Superiors were very kind, they would like ever so much to oblige but at present it was  impossible or they did not give out girls at all other places. It was a place of trade and they did not allow their girls to go out to nurse. I only tried three places and got discouraged, I had a very unpleasant trip My nerve was so much used up, but after telegraphing you I did not stop to get anything to eat until I had gone to all the asylums uptown. I do not think it worthwhile to go down amongst the French and Spanish asylums if I could not succeed with the english speaking I know I could do nothing with the foreigners. I will leave here tomorrow evening.

Kiss all the babies for me and tell them I will soon be home. Give my love to Uncle and Your Ma And accept much love for yourself.

From Your Affectionate Husband,

William A. O’Kelly

Closeup of the Hernsheim Brothers illustration.

Closeup of the Hernsheim Brothers stationary illustration.


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