1902 Mary’s letter to a friend.

Monroe, Louisiana November 6, 1902 to Durant, Mississippi

Mary Catherine O’Kelly to her friend Madge L. Barber*

Miss Madge Barber

My dearest friend

I received your sweet little letter the other day and will make haste to answer it. Our school [St. Hyacinths] increases a little every week but there still remains only Annie** and I in our class.

I was very sorry I did not get to meet your friend when he was here. I have not called on your aunt but will do so soon.

Tomorrow is Annie`s birthday, she will be sixteen years old.

Ringling Bros Circus is going to show here next Friday, and of course I am going.

We decorated the graves on Sunday evening and the graveyard looked very nice although there was not very many flowers.

All you can here about now is the Fair, nearly all of the arrangements are made. The girls are busy preparing aprons and caps to wear when waiting on the tabel. I wish you could be here for it I know you would like it.

Last week my name led in the contest for the watch but I do not know how long it will stay in the lead.

I have been suffering with a cold and the toothache so you know I have had a time, my tootheache is better but I still have a bad cold.

Tomorrow is first Friday and I will have to get up early and go to church, as it is getting late I must close

Your Friend

Mary O`Kelly

*Madge L. Barber b. July 1886 Mississippi, daughter of Abel Barber and Fannie O. Ryan

**Annie Grammont Breard 1886 – 1959, daughter of Robert McGuire Breard & Heloise Aurora Filhiol


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