October 23, 1918 I am sending my pillow back by parcel post

Knights of Columbus Stationary

Camp Jesup, Atlanta, Georgia October 23, 1918 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Jr. to his father and sisters

Dear Folks:
I leave here tomorrow for somewhere, guess [?], did not know till five o’clock this evening that I was going so I have been kept busy ever since getting ready.

I have a complete new outfit consisting of two suits heavy wool underwear, 2 pr heavy hob nail shoes , 5 pair wool socks, 2 towels, 2 wool shirts tooth brush, comb, razor , shaving soap, mirror, toothpaste, shaving brush, soap, one heavy O.D. suit and a heavy overcoat, so I am well fixed. We are not allowed to take any of our things except a sweater which can be worn under a shirt, so I am keeping the one Jennie made.

I sent my grip bags today army express at the Y. M. C. A. and it will be several days before it shows up for they will not send them back for sometime after we leave. I am sending my pillow back by parcel post so look for it. I got Bootsies letter this evening and if my socks do not come in time I will have one of the boys send them back as they cannot be forwarded to me. I can have them with me if they come in time, and if they don`t I will write you later when and where to send them.
Write me as follows; Motor Transport Corps 310  Co.7 A. B. F.

I don`t even know how long we will stay in fort but will try and write you from there, the last bunch only stayed 36 hrs. but have an idea we will stay longer.

I will write you just as soon as I get across but don`t be worried if you don`t hear from me for a good while at a time for the mails are very uncertain but I will write you regularly.

My kodak is in the grip and is loaded with six films so you all can take some pictures.

If you all get any pecans send me a box full to Camp Jesup, I promised one of the boys some and he is going to look after my mail for me so he will get them in my mail.

I am so glad you all are getting better and hope that you are all soon entirely.

Well it is nearly 12 and the air is about to burn out my fire and I  have to take a bath so we`ll have to say good night for this time, with lots of love and kisses to you all,

Take good care of yourselves and don`t worry about me and be sure to write me all the news regularly.


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