December 7, 1918 The experience is so well worth the trip

Dec 7, 1918

Langres France December 7, 1918 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Jr. to his sister Mary Catherine O’Kelly

Dear Bootsie,
I received two letters from you yesterday, one dated Nov. 1, the other Nov. 9. making three letters from you since being here. Have not heard from Papa or Jennie yet. I feel very fortunate in getting your letter as mail conditions are not very good over here but are pretty good considering.

Lots of people seem to be dying at home guess things will be changed up a lot when I get back as I have no idea when I will be home but don’t think it will be later than spring.

We are quartered in good barracks and have a big stove, so we can keep a fire going all night if we want too.
It has turned off warm and looks like rain and the mud gets worse all the time. Never saw such a place for mud. Quarantine was lifted yesterday and I guess I’ll go to town Sunday that will be tomorrow if we get paid off Today. Don’t think we will get paid though till Monday, but we can go any night.

The town is about a mile up the hill from the camp and looks awful pretty. It is an old town and if I can get some Post Card views of it I am going to send them to you. The town is all closed up during the day. The stores etc open at 5 pm. and close at 8 pm. this is practically the custom everywhere.

I met Audrey Blanchard’s brother [William Cecil Blanchard] here about 4 days ago he had just arrived at this camp. said he had been over about 4 months. He looked in fine health and seemed to be getting fat.

Tell Mrs. Haynes to write Tucker that he don’t know what he missed by not coming over as the experience is so well worth the trip.

There is no excitement now and I guess as soon as we get things cleared up we will start towards home, but hope it will be spring before we do as the trip back during winter will be mighty hard.

I wrote Uncle Tom when I was on the boat guess he has my letter by now if he is going to get it at all. Will write him again when I have time

I have received no papers yet if they don’t show up pretty regular will write you so you can have it stopped.

I wish I could be in on some of those pecans and divinity, but we get chocolate candy here for 55c per pound put up by Lowney’s it is real good. About like what you pay a $1.00 for in the states.

So my grip showed up. I sent every thing I wanted to keep home in it as the chances are that a man will loose his purse two or three times and while it is no trouble to get new equipment, his personal belongings are gone for good so that was why I sent my prayer book home for I did not want to loose it.

Well there is not much news so will close for this time with lots of love & kisses to all. And write often.


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