New Years Eve 1918 We are now in Coblenz, Germany

New Year's Eve 1919

Coblenz-Lutzel, Germany December 31, 1918 to Monroe , Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Jr. to his sister Mary O’Kelly

Dear Bootsie,
This being new year eve and as we are unable to have the usual celebration I thought I would spend mine writing letters .
We are now in Coblenz, Germany. I have not been to town yet as we have been unable to obtain passes so far but hope to have them in a day or so.

I have a good place to sleep and lots to eat. It is not near so cold here as it was in France and now I have six good blankets so we are now able to sleep good and warm. It rains quite a lot here but not near so much as it did at Langres and we do not have the mud to contend with.

Wrote Papa a long letter yesterday and told him about all I knew so I will close for this time with lots of love and kisses and best wishes for a happy New Year
Your Affectionate Brother,


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