May 5, 1919 Took a long walk down the Rhine River yesterday afternoon

May 5, 1919

Coblenz, Germany May 5, 1919 to Monroe, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly Jr. to his sister Mary Catherine O’Kelly

Dear Bootsie:
Your letter of April 18 was received yesterday and I note you say you are waiting patiently for me to answer some of your letters. Well I think I have always answered them unless it was one or two I received where I got one from all of you the same day and at that I think I have written you as many letters as I did the rest. The mail is not coming through very good now but what does come in good time as you can see by the way the one you wrote it came in 15 days which is fine.

So Clay has another boy. Where is he living now and what is he doing. I did not know he was in trouble till Jennie mentioned something about his trial in her last letter.

We are having fine weather here now and got a new issue of light underclothes and socks today, Also a new coat and a service stripe as we will be one here 6 months on the 9th and will have to put them on there.

Took a long walk down the Rhine River yesterday afternoon. It certainly is a pretty place. All of the hills are covered with cherry apple and peach trees which are in full bloom.

So those pictures showed up all right. I did not whether you could  locate me or not where they were fixing for the picture I was in town and so was way in the back and I moved my head so I could not tell whether you could locate me or not. I was on the end opposite the officers and was in the back. So if  that is where you have me located I guess you have the right one.

Had a letter from Adolphe Saturday he is down in France somewhere. I notice by the paper that lots of Monroe boys are getting back I guess I`ll be dragging in some of these days.

Say I wish I could be in on some of those strawberries, English peas, new potatoe etc. I wrote that the Dutch are just planting potatoes the peas are just coming up and the strawberries have big vines but no berries or flower on them.

I was so glad to hear that papa was improving so much as it makes me feel good to know he is better. Well Bootsie I have written about all I know so will close for this time with lots of love and kisses to all.

Your affectionate brother


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