1867 You must have a hard time of it with two children to clothe and feed.

New York City June 24 1867 to Monroe, Louisiana

Zeolotes Demarest to his sister-in-law Malinda Dull Van Emburgh and her children

Dear Sister and children

I know take the pleasure in writing you a few lines to inform you that we are well, pardon me for not answering your letter before. Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] has been quite sick since I wrote you last. I was up in the country to Mothers yesterday and she is quite well again. She has had the remittent fever, But she feels quite well again the fever is broken and is getting along nicely now. Mother requested me to say to you that she felt very gratefull to your mother for kindness in caring for Jacobs Wife and children, for which she is much obliged, and hope that the Savior will reward her bountifully for it.

Malinda, enclosed you will find Fifty Dollars that Mother send you to assist you and the children because she think that you must have a hard time of it with two children to clothe and feed. Mother says she is very sorry that she has a child as Jacob is. She cannot tell who he takes after, his conduct is very strange. It troubles her almost to death I hardly think there is a minute in a day that she does not think about him. She says She thinks sometimes he is dead or he could not do so to stay away from his family so long.

Now I will tell you about the rest of the family. Sister Kezia [Kezia Demarest Post] Husband [Halmagh Post] and children are all well , and they all  send there love to you and your children. Mother send her love to you and the children and tell them that they mind love and obey their mother and be a good boy and girl, tell them there GrandMa says so. I would of sent this money by express but I could not get it to you any nearer than Vicksburg or New Orleans, and [?]in a letter. So I sent it in this manner to you, and I trust that it may reach you all right.

Malinda, Please write as soon as you receive this because we will feel anxious to know how you all are and if you received the money all right or not.

[My wife] Elmira and I send you our love to you and your children. Write soon and let us hear from you.

From your affectionate Brother and Sister

Zeolotes G., Elmira Demarest and Mother.

Direct your letter to Zeolotes G Demarest

27 Barrow Street New York City



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