1867 I wish we could hear something about Jacob

Jacob Demarest Van Emburgh

Jacob Demarest Van Emburgh

New York Cit, New Yorky August 14, 1867 to Monroe, Louisiana

Zeolotes Demarest to his sister-in-law Malinda Van Emburgh

Dear Sister,

I received your letter and was much pleased to hear from you and to hear that you and your children are well. We are all well at present except my wife, Elmira, she has got a toothache and her face is much swollen. Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] is very well at present and was very glad to hear that you received the letter with the money and she send you three card with Jacob, your husband , Brother Henry, the youngest one in the family, and herself for Georgianna.

Sister Kezia [Kezia Demarest Post], husband [Halmagh Post] and children [Anna & Emma Post] are well and send their love to you all.

Malinda, when we have our Cadevisti taken again, I will send you one of myself and wife also.

We have a great deal of wet weather this season. There is plenty of peaches about this season, and they are very cheap because we have had so much wet weather this season that they will not keep Good long after they are picked. The other crops so far are very good.

I am sorry to hear such bad news about the crops South. I hope the children are improving there time at school. Tell them they should learn as fast as they possibly can.

Mother send her kind love to you and your children, and we all send our love to you and your children and kiss them each for their uncle Zelotes, and tell them, that I say they must be good to you and love you and obey you. Because there Pa does not, and they must try and comfort you all they can.

I wish we could hear something about Jacob. Malinda write soon and let us know how you all are.

From your affectionate Brother

Zeolotes G Demarest

27 Barrow Street New York City

Do not forget to send your Cardiveti as mother would be pleased to see them and so would I. Send them whenever you have a chance.


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