1867 I hope that he will be a great comfort to his Mother and Sister

Demarest Family Home Saddle River, Bergen, New Jersey

Demarest Family Home circa 1867
Saddle River, Bergen, New Jersey

New York City Oct 13 1867 to Monroe, Louisiana

Zelotes Demarest to his sister-in-law Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Dear Sister and family

I received your letter and was happy to hear from you all and to hear that Georgianna is getting better and to hear that you and James are well.

It is a lovely day today. It has been raining for a week back more or less all the time. Elmira my wife has been a visiting to Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] for nearly two weeks. Mother is well her husband [Peter Demarest] is well also. they are still living in the Old Homestead, as when Jacob was home before he was married. They are very much pleased when they hear from you, all the letters I receive from you. I always show them to them all. Mother is always anxious to hear from you. She never [?] me but what she asks me if I have heard from you lately. Mother was down here day before yesterday and she wish to know if I had heard from you I told her it was not time for a letter yet.

In your last letter you thought of moving, but you did not say wether you would move or no. If you do you must write and let me know were you move to.

I am happy to hear that James is improving fast at school. If a man or boy has a good education he can get along in this world very well. And I hope he will improve his time very much. And I hope that he will be a great comfort to his Mother and Sister yet, and that he will be a better son to his mother than his father was to his own Mother. Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] says she thinks it is a dreadfull thing for him [Jacob] to do so. It troubles her almost to death. Malinda, do you think Jacob Carte de Visite looks like him. We received your cards and was very much pleased with them.

Sister Kezia [Kezia Demarest Post] and Husband [Halmaugh Post] and family are all well and all send there love to you.

Malinda you never told me in your letter wether you received Jacob and Henry [Henry Demarest] cards, you said that Georgianna was much pleased about her GrandMa picture

Mother was very much delighted about your card and I am very much obliged to you for mine and I will return the compliment sometime with myself and wife.

Mother and family send her love to you all.

Elmira and myself send our love to you and the children, and when you write again ask James if he could write a few lines to his Grandma in the letter you send to me. Write soon and let me know how you are, write as often as you possibly can. We are always pleased to hear from you.

From Your Affectionate Brother

Zelotes G Demarest

27 Barrow St., New York


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