1868 How are you situated in worldly manners?

Henry Demarest

Henry Demarest 1842 -1888


Joliet, Illinois December 27 1868 to Monroe, Louisiana

Henry Demarest to his sister-in-law Malinda Van Emburgh

Mrs. M Van Emburgh

Dear sister and friends I thought that I would write to you and see if I could find out anything about Jacob if you know anything about him I wish you would tell me all that you know. I received your card you and your family I was very glad to get it now Malinda I want you to tell me how you are situated in worldly matters if you comfortable or not. I have not seen Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] for nearly three years but I hope to see her before long. I am living in the state of Illinois and have got a wife [Martha Mills] but no children to take care of. If I had the time to come down and see you I would come but I cannot come this winter I have been sick for three weeks but are getting better now. Dose the children go to school or not. Tell them that I would like to see them very much and tell them to write to me. I must close for this time wright to me and let me know all the pitulars you must excuse me for this time for my hand is tired and weak. wright just as soon as you get this letter

I remain your Aft Brother

Direct to Henry Demarest Joliet Will Co, Ills


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