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1899 Souvenir Holy Card of First Communion

William Abram O’Kelly Jr. received the Sacrament if Communion April 9, 1889, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Monroe, Louisiana and saved this souvenir Holy Card between the pages of his prayer book.

 Souvenir Holy Card of First Communion


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1872 Live as you would die

Monroe, Louisiana Sept. 17th 1872

Malinda Dull Van Emburgh to her son James George Van Emburgh

Dear Son
I am happy to hear from you and to hear that you are pleased with your work I so much hope that you will keep well while you are a far a way from Home take good care of yourself and be as careful in your work as possibly not to get hurt or snake bit in the swamp so far a way from any help

Mr. Daniel Herron died Sunday morning and is buried in the [St. Matthew’s] catholic graveyard.*

Times are very dull in [?] and we have not had any rain in town, but it has rained in the country nearby. Nearly every cistern is dry in this part and the people are suffering for the want of rain.

I have not received any letters from [your relatives in] the north yet. but hoping to hear soon on your account. James be very careful with yourself live as you would die just to think what an evening life some people lead and how soon they are called away. I hope you will live a long and useful  life and try not to have any serious accounts against you when you leave this world. hoping to see you soon

I draw this to a close goodbye

from your Affectionate Mother

Malinda Van Emburgh

[ letter is continued Sept. 22nd 1872]

I did not send my letter owing to your not sending your address. I had to wait for [my brother] Jim [James Dull Jr.] to come home to know how to send it, it looks like a long time since you went off but I hope to see you soon. We got a letter from your Aunt [Martha Dull Harrison] Harrison with the news of [her husband] Mr. Harrisons [Thomas D. Harrison] death he died the last day of August with congestion of the stomach he was sick a week, and Mr. Edwards** died this morning about 2 o`clock yesterday his horse was rubbing against his wagon it fell over him and he died from the injuries received. Your cousin Pheba [Malinda Pheobe Howard] has been very low but was some better when we heard from her

Hoping to see you soon I won`t write much I know  that you are in want of more clothes by this time and I am sorry that I can`t send you some, it is now sixty thrice days since it has rained and the dust is terrible.

Try to come home as soon as you can with much love to you

I close goodbye

From your affectionate Mother

*Daniel B. Herron Born 1829 Lowndes, Mississippi Died September 15, 1872 Monroe, Louisiana.

** Moses Thomas Edwards Born 1823 Alabama Died September 22, 1872 Monroe, Louisiana.

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1933 Uncle Tom has passed away

Jennie C. O’Kelly to her sister Mary C. O’Kelly

New Orleans, Louisiana April 5, 1933 to 100 South Grand St., Monroe, Louisiana

Westren Union Telegraph


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1876 We are all pretty well here

Paterson, New Jersey December 5th 1876 to Monroe, Louisiana

Garret Hopper Demarest to his nephew James and niece Georgiana

Mr. James Garret Van Emburgh and Sister

I send you under this date a Post Office order from your Grandma Demarest [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] for fifteen dollars. Which she hopes will be made good use of. She says she will have no more money coming in before Spring so you may hardly expect more from her before that time. We are all pretty well here, and hope you are also.


Garret H. Demarest

[continued on back]

When you receive the money order please write me immediately so that I may know.

Please sign the receipt which I enclose and return to me. The one for the first and also for this one. so that I may have something to show that you have received the money

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1868 It would give us great pleasure to see your faces

Small Lots, New Jersey June 18 1868 to Monroe, Louisiana

Garret H. Demarest to his sister-in-law Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Dear Malinda
Your letter dated May 22 is received. We are glad to hear that you and the children were well, and that they were going to school. We are all well here. Zelotes [Zelotes Demarest] and Wife [Elmira DeVoe Demarest], and Kezia [Kezia Demarest Post] and family were also well at last account.

The weather this spring has been very wet, and we have had so much rain that Farmers have scarcely been able to get their potatoes and corn planted and some have been obliged to plow up their potatoe patches because they rotted in the ground. It is feared there will be a scarcity in the potato crop this year.

Strawberries are now ripening and commencing to come in market. They sell for about 5 or 6 cents in a basket of which 4 will make about a quart. So you see they are from 20 to 25 cents a quart.

We would be glad to receive a letter from James Garret if he sees fit to write to his friends out here, and also from Georgianna if she can write, and if she cannot write and has anything to say to us, you may write it for her.

It would give us great pleasure to see your faces for it seems quite strange to have relations so long, and be writing to them from time to time and yet never have seen them. It is very kind of that school teacher [Father Louis Gergaud] to do as you state in your letter, it shows that he has a benevolent spirit and a desire to do good.

I hope the children seeing what it costs to attend school will endeavor to improve as fast as they can, for with a moderate education a person can get very well along in this country if he writes with his education proper and steady habits.

Hope you will find one Dollar from a friend, which amount, though small, he hopes you will give it to the schooling of James Garret. He wishes he could send a larger amount but does not at this time, feel able to do so, but hopes that by the time you receive another letter, he may be able to send some more. He feels exceedingly desirous to see the children get along and make something in this world  but oh, Malinda if they don`t rise up to distinction in this world, but their, and your lot is humble. Strive so to live, that when this life and its cares, and trials and disapointments are over, you may all go to that better world, where they neither marry, nor are given in marriage but are as the Angels of God.

Mother [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] sends you five dollars. Hoping to hear from you and the children.

I remain yours, Garret H. Demarest

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