1885 Lumber receipt

January 1, 1885 lumber receipt paid to Charles A. Downey by William Abram O’Kelly Sr. on behalf of his mother in law Malinda Van Emburgh.

C. A. Downey  Receipt 1885

In 1883 Charles A. Downey married Florence, the daughter of Henry Bry and the recent widow of John N. Muir. Bry and Muir had been business partners and their largest venture was the steam saw mill situated on the Ouachita river bank just inside the lower city limit of Monroe. When Bry passed away in 1881, Florence and John purchased his share in the mill from the estate for the sum of seven thousand dollars. John passed away shortly after and full ownership of the mill passed to Florence who turned control over to her second husband Charles A. Downey who had previously been a railroad man with the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railway. During this period the railroad was rapidly expanding and Downey made sure that his mill was a main supplier of lumber for the construction. Downey was a a native of Ireland who became a prominent business man and served on the Monroe City council for more than 20 years. Upon the death of Mayor Forsythe, Downey held the honor of serving in the mayor’s capacity until new elections. Downey was a member of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and was buried in the church cemetery when he passed away in 1924.


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