1869 Here is piece of my hair

Anna Post to her aunt Malinda Dull Van Emburgh and cousins Georgiana and James.

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana May 4th 1869

Dear Aunt and Cousins

We are all well at present and hope these few lines will find you enjoying good health. We have moved to the city of Paterson now we did not like the country. It was so [page damaged] school for us. Uncle Henry [Demarest] wife [Martha Mills] had got a baby daughter [Kathryn Louise] it was born the 8 of April they think of calling it Caty after gramma. I am to gramma [page damaged] and all the folks are all well. I believe I thought I would write to you and your sister [Elizabeth Dull] but it was not my turn to write to [page damaged].  I thought perhaps you had not received my letter that I wrote to you the week after New Years. I have not had my cards taken yet but soon as I get them taken you shall have one of them.

Pa [Halmagh Post] Ma [Kezia Demarest] Emma [Post] and myself and all of gramma [Catherine Demarest Van Emburgh] folks send there love to you. Gramma went down to New York yesterday and saw uncle Zelotes [Demarest] they where all well.  She came home Monday evening and I came on the same train with her. Here is a peace of my hair. I do not want to go to school now but I am going to a very large school with about 24 teachers in it.  I will start a week from yesterday. Gramma has our little trip [page damaged] When we moved to Paterson we did not [page damaged].

Grampa [Peter J. Demarest] has a little calf his name is Tom [page damaged] gramma folks has been washing this morning. James is a ploughing and the boy is cleaning the strawberries

as I said that – I was going to send you a peice of my hair it will not curl so I am going to curl it on the poker and send it to you and your sister I must close so goodbye

write as soon as you get this letter and tell all the folks the news

From your neice Anna D Post to her Aunt

Direct your letters to

Miss Anna D Post Willis st. No 71 Paterson post office


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