1884 I am Anna Post your cousin

Anna D. Post to her cousin Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Fair Lawn, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana September 1884

Dear cousin,

I suppose you will be very much suprised indeed at recieving a letter from me. I am Anna Post your cousin. I did not answer James Garret [George Van Emburgh] letter. I had intended  answer it but had put it off from time to time thinking I would have more news to write about. Grandma [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] recieved a letter from a gentleman from your place some where in July 31st saying [your brother] James Garret [George Van Emburgh] had been killed on the railroad. We were very sorry to hear of his death for he was just getting along so he could be of help to his mother [Malinda Dull Van Emburgh]. The man who wrote seems to be a stranger and to day when Grandma wanted me to write – I went upstairs and got your wedding card and I find the name is just the same as your married name is and if it was your husband who wrote why in the world did he not tell her he was his brother inlaw and Uncle Zelote`s [Demarest] wrote a letter to him but Grandma thinks perhaps he did not get the name correct. He directed to William O` Rilly and the wedding card says O`Kelly, so it may be it has never reached him. Grandma says she was very much disappointed at you or your mother did not write to her about all the particulars and she would like to have you write her. Was the man who wrote your husband or a man by the same name. Grandma is not very well and you know she is growing old she has been 72 years old and her stomach and bowels are the main trouble. Grandpa [Peter J. Demarest] has not been very well this summer the Dr says he has malaria. Aunt Maggie [Margaret Demarest] is well she is Grandpa oldest child she has never been married so she is here to see and take care of Grandpa and Grandma. Have you heard that cousin Garret [H. Demarest] lost his wife [Maranda Van Emburgh Demarest] she died 21st of June she left three small children one 13 years [Mary Demarest] one 8 years [Florence Demarest]  and the other 5 years [Jennie Demarest] . It seemed very strange providence in her death to me but we have not the ruling of such things in our hands. How are you getting along and how many children do you have and what does your husband do and where does mother [Malinda Dull Van Emburgh] live did not she and your Aunt [Elizabeth Dull] and James Garret [George Van Emburgh] live all together and he support them. Now Grandma would like and I would be glad to hear from you and know where your mother is now, I know it is very hard for your mother, where is he buried is it in the place where you live. Sister Emma [Post] and Family are well she has been married will be 8 years next April and has three children. Two boys [Walton and Percey Post]  and one girl [Kathryn Post] her baby [Percey Post] is 10 months old. Uncle Zelotes [Demarest] and [his wife] Aunt Elmira are quite well it is very hot here just now but we are in hope we will soon have cooler weather. I will now close this letter hoping to hear from you soon. Love to your mother and yourself.

I am your cousin , Anna D. Post Paterson New Jersey


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