1886 But you say you have nothing to live for

Anna Post to her Aunt Malinda Dull Van Emburgh and cousin Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana April 10th 1886

Dear Aunt and Cousin,

Received your letter was glad to hear from you was sick in bed when it came or else would have written before this. I am better again so I go out. I took a heavy cold and had fever so the Dr was afraid I was going to have billions fever but he got the upper hand of it. Still I was confined to my bed for 12 days and to the house for a little over two weeks still I am thankful God has seen fit to spare me to live longer and I hope I may do good for him. Has not cousin George Anna three children. You spoke in your letter as though there were three children but there was pictures of only two and is the little girl the youngest and have you no pictures of yourself and daughter. I was up to Grandma [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest] yesterday to spend the day and there came back to her from the dead letter office a letter and hers and Grandpa [Peter J. Demarest] pictures which was sent to you in Jan. They were gone just three months and then came back to her. I will in close the letter although it is rather stale and will forward the pictures. Grandma is not very well and her only sister [Polly Van Emburgh] she has living is at her house and has been there a year and is sick a bed helpless as she fell and nearly broke her hip so she will never walk again and may die at any time and the Dr says she may lay that way a long time and Grandma has a great deal to do as they have so much company it keeps them all busy. Grandpa is well and if he lives until Aug he will be 79 years old and he is a smart old man. Pa [Halmagh Post] and Ma [Kezia Demarest Post] are both well. Sister Emma [Post Noonan] and family are all well. We all feel very sorry for you at the loss of your son [James George Van Emburgh]. Of course it was a great loss for you but you say you have nothing to live for but is not your daughter and her children as near as the son and you can live for them and try and bring them up to live for and love God perhaps that is the mission for which you are spared. Sorry to hear you do not feel well but of course your age just now cannot assure you good health but perhaps in a year or two you will be well and strong. You and Ma are nearly one age. Ma was 50 years old the 18th of last Sept. Uncle Zelotes [Demarest] eyes are some better although he cannot see out of  one eye at all but he does not wish Grandma to know it as it worries her. The other eye is improving very slowly still he can see out of it other wise his health is good and [his wife] Aunt Elmira is well. I will send you Ma picture to you and as soon as you receive them please to drop a letter  or postal card to us. The face of Grandma picture is good but I do not like the hat and shawl but it is the best she had. I will close for this time. All send our love to you all. Write as soon as you can and often.

Yours Truly

Anna D Post


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