1887 The horse gave a sudden start

Anna D. Post to her Aunt Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana August 22nd 1887

My Dear Aunt

Both of your welcome letters the one of April 19th and July 11th were both received glad to hear from you. I was away from home when the last one came so I arrived home Aug 17 so will hasten to answer. On May 11th 1887 Grandma only sister died she was at Grandmas her name was Aunt Polly Ackerman. I have written to you about her to you before she was there sick over two years still she died very suddenly. She was very sick only three days she had been quite smart before that only could not walk as she fell and broke her hip. Nine weeks ago today Grandma brother Peter Van Emburgh aged  84 years was out riding and the horse gave a sudden start and threw him out and hurt him very badly he cannot live very long he may die any moment then there will only be her left. Grandma is very smart now for her.

Uncle Zelotes [Demarest] has not been very well but is better again and [his wife] aunt Elmira is well. Sorry to hear of your dear ones being sick hope they are better now. Sister [Emma Post Noonan] and her family are quite well. Ma [Kezia Demarest Post] has been quite sick for a few days but she is better now again so she goes around. I am very well my going away did me so much good! I hope I shall live long enough and be able to afford it to come down  to see my Aunt and Cousin in the South but I have no idea when that will be. I will have to close for this time as it is time to get dinner.

With love to my cousin and yourself I close hoping to hear from you soon again and that this will find that you all well.

I am ever yours truly

Anna D. Post

239 Summer st. Paterson New Jersey


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