1888 We have to take the bitter with the sweet

Headstone of Peter J Demarest and his first wife Helen Hopper. Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Anna Post to her aunt Malinda Dull Van Emburgh

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana April 21st 1888

Dear Aunt

Your most welcome letter received and very glad to hear that you and your daughters [Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly] family are well but very sorry to hear of your loss of your sister, but that is the way all through life we have to take the bitter with the sweet. Grandpa [Peter J. Demarest] was sick just four weeks he was taken with billions fever which lasted 12 days and left him so very weak he could not rally and then he had inflamation of the kidneys, he lived a good Christian life and he died a peaceful death, the first two weeks he was sick his mind wondered but the last two weeks his mind was as clear and bright as it ever was in his life, he was nearly 81 years old. Of course you know he was grandma second husband but I never knew any other Grandpa as he and Grandpa had been married about 38 years and then he was a brother to Grandma first husband he had six children by his first wife but none with Grandma, he and Grandma lived very happy together and both his and her children loved him dearly. Uncle Henry [Demarest] lived in Trinidad [Colorado] when he died he was sick about one month but was confined to his bed about one week he took to his bed the first day of Jan 1888 and died the 8th of Jan he had Brights disease of the kidneys. All we know about it is that the woman who took care of him wrote to uncle Zeolotes [Demarest] and sent us the peice which was in the paper out there, we had not seen him in 17 years. Grandma has had a great deal of trouble lately she has lost a sister [Polly Van Emburgh] a brother [Peter Van Emburgh] a son [Henry Demarest] and her loved husband in ten months and 8 days. Uncle Henry`s daughter Caty [Kathryn Louise Demarest] has been getting married, she and her brother [George Mills Demarest] and Mother [Martha Mills Demarest] live in Illinois. Uncle Zeolotes [Demarst] was up at our house last Sunday, he and [his wife] Aunt Elmira are well but all upside down as the landlord is fixing the house and do not know when they will get settled.

Grandma was down here at our house for a few days last week, she is feeble but better than she has been, we received pictures of Cousins [Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly]  little boy thank you for and they look as though they were good. We are all well. Sister [Emma Post Noonan] and family are well.

With love to all. Write when you can

Yours ever

Anna D Post


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