1891 Le Grippe

Anna Demarest Post to her aunt Malinda Van Emburgh

Paterson, New Jersey to Monroe, Louisiana May 18th 1891

Dear Aunt

I hasten to reply to your letter which reached me on May 16th and also to say the pictures of the [O’Kelly] children received all safe and in perfect condition and many thanks for them and they are all nice bright nice looking children. I would like the ages, and name of the oldest boy [James George O’Kelly] who died as I wish to mark them on the back . They are a great deal of company for you and also a care. Grandma [Catherine Van Emburgh Demarest]  is quite sick she has been a bed three weeks to day and not able to sit up any at all. She had Le Grippe in Jan and got around but did not get strength and seemed to take more every time the weather changed which is very often in this climate she has liver trouble which is cronic of course every time she is sick it takes her longer to pick up as she is in her 80th year. I have been been very ill for a long time but am very much better so I can go around the house and go out some  have been to New York to spend a week with Uncle Zeolotes [Demarest]. Uncle Zeolotes and [his wife] Elmira are quite well. Sister Emma [Post Noonan] and family and family are all well. Pa [Halmagh Post] and Ma [Kezia Demarest Post] are well. Garret [Deamarest] wife [Margaretta Duncan] has been sick eight weeks today she was confined had a long hard time then the child was dead, then she has been very ill and very dangerous but she is improving and it would seem as though the danger was past the rest of his family are well. There are great many people who have had the Le Grippe here and so many whom had pneumonia and proved fatal. Was very glad to hear it was to long time since you had written to me. Write soon again.  With love from all to you and the children I close as ever

Anna D Post

292 Broadway


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