1888 I know you worry yourself about the children

Malinda Dull Van Emburgh to her daughter Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Monroe, Louisiana December 19, 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dear Daughter

We received your letter of the 16th and were relieved a great deal of anxiety as your last letter had been so discouraging. I did not think you had been under the new treatment long enough for much improvement. I so much hope you will continue to gain your strength and be able to enjoy yourself some once more for you certainly have had a very trying time of it. I know you worry yourself about the children but you need not for they are getting a long remarkably well and play and enjoy themselves very much. I am sorry that I have not got any thing nice to send you. I have got a green cook and have to help her a good deal but will try to send you something hoping you will be able to eat it when you get better. Try to see as much of the city as you can and don’t be studying so much about home. Abe [William Abram O’Kelly Jr.] is very much attached to me he commences to buck so Aunt Mary* can scarcely hold him. He is getting so very strong and will be one year old tomorrow. He walked across the room holding onto a chair when I pulled it. Try to do all you can to improve yourself and if you need any money let me know and you shall have it.

Your Mother

* “Aunt Mary” is likely Malinda’s step-niece, Mary Leona Wimberly.


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