1888 Uncle thinks we ought to get a letter from you every night

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Monroe, La December 21, 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, La

My Darling

I did not write to you yesterday because Ma [Malinda Dull Van Emburgh] wrote. I thought one letter would be as much as you would care to read. Did you remember that yesterday was the baby’s [William Abram O’Kelly Jr.] birthday. Uncle [Henry O’Kelly] gave him a quarter for a present. I think that was all the little fellow got. We are having a little taste of winter, yesterday morning the thermometer was down to 25 and everything was froze up tight and last night was not much better. I went hunting yesterday and killed four ducks. The baby is getting to be a terrible little fellow. Do you remember how Bootsy [Mary Catherine O’Kelly] used to rare back. Well the little fellow does the same only a good deal worse and he fights and kicks and screams like any thing. I had him for a while yesterday. I gave him back to Aunt Mary and he fought and kicked so I had to take him again. I tell you what he makes every body stand around. The other children seem to be in good health and all are lively. Bootsy had one of her crying spells yesterday but today, she is all right. I hope you have tried that gas* by this time and that it has benefited you. The Morrison’s** and Parkers*** are all well. I got a letter from Tom [Thomas Swan O’Kelly] last night saying he had got the turkey. Ma bought a turkey Thursday that she is going to kill for Sunday. She says the children want it. Sonny [James George O’Kelly] set the mouse traps and caught three mice. We were to have a big circus here last Saturday but the charges were too high and they would not show. I was glad of it. Uncle thinks we ought to get a letter from you every night and is very impatient till the mail comes in. We all want to hear from you often but do not worry yourself too much about writing. I hope you are able by this time to go about in town a little. There does not seem to be any news at least I have not heard any. Uncle, Ma and all the children join me in sending love and good wishes to you.

Your affectionate husband

William A O’Kelly

*artificial pneumothorax treatments.

** Malinda’s nephew George W. Morrison, his wife Florence Bell and their three oldest children James, Mary and John.

*** Malinda’s niece Francis ‘Fannie’ Beasley Parker, her husband Daniel Peyton Parker and their four oldest children Florence, Floyd, Dorothy and Orelle.


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