1888 Have you heard of the burning of the John Hanna

Advertisement for the the Hohn H. Hanna Ouachita Telegraph February 12, 1887

Advertisement for the the John H. Hanna
Ouachita Telegraph February 12, 1887

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Monroe, Louisiana December 27th 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

My Darling My Love

Your letter of Sunday received last night. We were all glad to hear from you and that you had been out for a ride. The package has not come yet but look for it to day. We sent you a little box yesterday by express and paid all the charges. Aunt Bet [Elizabeth Dull] and Fannie [Francis Beasley Parker] sent some fruit cake almond cake and white cake and some sausage. They were in one end of the box. We sent the things in the other end.

I wrote you yesterday, but there was no mail agent and I gave the letter to a man to mail in Vicksburg and he may never think of it again. We had a very good day of it Christmas and a splendid dinner. As we sat down to dine Uncle [Henry O’Kelly] remarked now if Georgie was here how happy we would all be and that was the thought of us all.

We had a grand midnight mass and the little church [St. Matthew’s] was pretty well crowded a good many went to communion. I went to and you know darling that you were the one I thought of and prayed to the Infant Jesus to have mercy on and that you might soon be restored to your family for his greater glory. There was nothing to mar the ceremony and I think Father [Ludovic] Enaut was very well pleased with every thing. The children were delighted with their little presents and in the evening we took a long walk. I hope you will take as much out door exercise as possible.

Uncle wants to know if you are gaining any flesh and how you are looking. He is terrible impatient if the mail fails and we do not get your letters in time.

I think the baby [William Abram O’Kelly Jr.] is going to cut another tooth. Charley Bell [Charles R. Bell] returned Saturday and is going to work on the [rail] road again. When you get well enough to go about you might go down to see Father Conway. I think he is at St. Joseph’s convent on St. Philip Street. The Sisters may be able to tell you.

We have had splendid weather with the exception of a very hard rain on Christmas night about 8 o’clock. This morning is cold and bright.

I weighed Sonny [James George O’Kelly] this morning he weighed 40 pounds don’t you think that is doing well. Jennie [Jane Calderwood O’Kelly] is a terrible eater and looks as round as a ball. Boots [Mary Catherine O’Kelly] is doing well she cut her finger at breakfast this morning and then began to cry because the box with the shawls had not come. The baby is as saucy as he can be. Ma [Malinda Dull Van Emburgh] is enjoying our good health and Uncle [Henry O’Kelly] is about as well as usual.

I suppose you have heard of the burning of the John Hanna and the loss of Capt [James S.] Holmes and the clerk [Samuel Powell]. I thank God we made the trip safe. I was very watchful on the way down but the boat was not loaded very heavy at that time like she was when she burned.

Now darling I want you to take good care of your self take all the exercise possible and we will all pray God to help us. Darling I do not want you to have anymore of those crying spells. I want you to save all your strength. I think of you a great deal my love, of all the happy times we have had . Seven years is a long time but it seems so short when I look back over our married life. How happy we have been how God has blessed us how thankful we ought to be. Darling I would like to see you for a little while to kiss those pretty eyes. But it will not be long my precious praise God before we see each other again. What is a month or two, why some people have been years apart.

Now darling take good care of yourself. You are not forgotten by your little family for we pray for you morning and night. A  happy New Year for you is the wish of your loving and affectionate husband

William A. O’ Kelly


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