1888 I know you could not help from feeling sad on Christmas day

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Monroe, Louisiana December 28th 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

My Darling

Your letter of Christmas day was received last night. I am sorry to hear that you are troubled with the swelling of your feet. You have been still so long that when you go about it causes them to swell after you walk about a while. I think that will all go away.

Those were nice cards of yours we put them away for you. We got the box yesterday. Jennie [Jane Calderwood O’Kelly] was delighted with her stool and she and Boots [Mary Catherine O’Kelly] thought the shawls were too nice for anything. Uncle [Henry O’Kelly] said he was much obliged for the tie it was just what he wanted, he could not have suited himself better. I saw Father [Ludovic] Enaut yesterday he wanted to know how you were getting on and I told him. He wanted me to tell you about our Christmas doings but I told him I had already written you about it.

You say in your last letter that you are sad now darling I do not want you to be sad or to feel lonely, but I want you to feel cheerful and happy. I write to you nearly every day so that you can hear from home and know how well thing is getting along with us. I know you could not help from feeling sad on Christmas day though because you were away from those who love you so much who are so dear to you, but darling you must think light of it and when you come home well wont we make much of you to make up for lost time. We will show our darling that she is our greatest treasure and by our love and affection we will make up for all the time that you have been from us precious and you will look back on that time with pleasure more than with regret.

We have loved each other well darling since we were married, we have not known the quarreling and bickering of many married couples. That is one reason you are sad at times. I have always tried to be kind and loving to you darling and if I have failed at times it was not of the heart but a mere caprice in our seven years of married life. I do not think I have made you cry but once and I have always regretted that time darling I will try to better and well I wont say love you more for that would be impossible for you to know that I do love you with my whole heart and soul above every thing on this earth and a woman knows when she is loved. I can not kiss you now but your letters have been touched by your hand my love and I can kiss them.

Now I do not want you to be sad or low spirited again but be happy and light hearted and think of what a happy time we will all have when you come home there we will put the big pot in the little one and have a feast to make up for the one we lost at Christmas and in our joy or sorrow we will not forget to thank God for all that he has done for us. Every day since Father Enaut bound us together I have prayed to God that we might live long and happily together seven years is a long time but it has seemed so short to me my darling wife that unless I count back it does not seem so long.

God bless you darling and make you well is one morning and evening prayer. We want to hear from you as often as possible for your letters give us a great deal of pleasure.

Your affectionate husband

W.A. O’Kelly



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2 responses to “1888 I know you could not help from feeling sad on Christmas day

  1. “… and if I have failed at times it was not of the heart but a mere caprice in our seven years of married life…” Oh, dear. No wonder she’s crying, other than her being gone for Christmas. Veiled language, ‘a mere caprice’, like ‘putting the lights out’.
    You’ve just reminded me that I have all of my grandfather’s and grandmother’s love letters to each other. After he died, I read them all to her, both sets, and had to fuss at her for how crully she kept him
    hanging;-). Hundreds. I think they need to go online, too. Some are hilarious.

  2. I would love to read those love letters and I hope you have an opportunity to get them online!

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