1888 Times are very dull to me

Envelope addressed to Georgiana with swatch of cloth for dressmaking included.

Envelope addressed to Georgiana with swatch of cloth for dressmaking included.

Monroe, Louisiana December 28, 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

Malinda Dull Van Emburgh to her daughter Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Dear Daughter,

William had a letter from you last night and I am glad to hear that you continue to improve but I am sorry to hear that your feet trouble you and I think if you would bathe them in mullen or soda and then rub them with flannel or mustard it would be a great relief to you. The children are all well and play all day and would play all night if sleep did not overtake them. It is after nine o’clock and all the little ones are asleep and Abe was the last one to close his bright blue eyes to night.

I will write more often now. I intended writing last night but lost my paper and could not find it until to day. I went uptown yesterday and bought Jennie and Bootsie each a dress and left them with Fannie [Francis Beasley] to make. I will send you a sample hope you will like them to be made plain with flush collar and cuffs and I will send you a sample of the flush as soon as I can get a piece. Sister Martha [Martha Dull Harrison] and [her daughter] Mattie [Martha Harrison] are streched on making Mattie a fine dress. It is treco like Jennies but not the same color mahogany. Times are very dull to me but I feel like if I could see you I would never want anything again. I am so thankful that [steam] boat [John H. Hanna] waited until another time to burn than when you were on her.

The children all wanted to write to you but Abe kept a wake so long they all had to go to sleep. They are all getting along very well and growing fat every day. He is getting so heavy I can scarcely carry him and when he gets mad he fights and is that don’t do he bites but he is the best baby you ever saw so try to be contented and try to pass the time as pleasantly as you can. I know how it is we all feel bad about it even the children have their little gloomy spells and all we can do is to wade through it as bravely as we can. If you were not sick and suffering I would not feel so bad about it. I hope you will continue to improve. It is getting late I will write soon again and write more next time.

Your Mother


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