1888 I wish I could see Mamma

Monroe, La December 29, 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly


We received another letter from you last night and were glad to hear that you had been so long with out a back set. Yesterday was a beautiful cold day but this morning it woke up sleeting afterwards turned to rain and now it is threatening and cold. Ma took the children up town shopping Thursday evening yesterday Jennie went back and bought her a doll. Sonny seems to be the only one of the children to miss you. A day does not go by without his saying something about you or he will come up and lay his head in my lap and say I wish I could see Mamma don’t you Pop. All send love to you. I hope Tom is not going to be sick.

Your affectionate husband

William O’Kelly


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