1888 We are all doing tolerable well.


Monroe, Louisiana to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana December 31, 1888

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

My Darling,

Your letter of the 29th to hand. You did not say anything about your feet whether they had stopped swelling or not.

I hope you enjoyed that bottle of fine wine. We are all doing tolerable well. I went hunting yesterday evening but did not kill anything. I hope you have received the box by this time. Miller is going to Bastrop to day to spend New Year he will be back the day after tomorrow. A happy New Year to you Darling. Ma  writes to you by to days mail.

Your affectionate husband

W. A. O’Kelly



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2 responses to “1888 We are all doing tolerable well.

  1. It’s something, the back-and-forth between Malinda and her errant husband Jacob’s family. What a thing to have that record of letters. By the way, you use the word bigotry several times, regarding Jacob’s having run off and started a whole new family, when I think it’s bigamy you really mean. Bigotry is a racial slur thing. I love jumping between the letters and finding that you not only have these letters, but there’s a shot of Jacob, the old stone house of the Demarest family, and them all sending “carte-vistas”(?) back and forth. The days are over when people take this kind of time to write to someone they don’t even know. They never did meet, did they. And p.s., it was kick-ass seeing your dad along the parade route. Hadn’t seen him in ages. Laura

  2. Bigotry! Ha! Spell check foils me again! Thanks for pointing that out.
    The two families never did meet but I have hundreds of letter back on forth that span four generations. They were very close despite their distance from each other. I was able to visit New Jersey a few years ago and my husband drove me around to see the churches and the cemeteries where the the family is buried. When I found “Grandma Caty’s” grave I could’t help but cry because I was so overwhelmed by having finally made the trip to meet her. I know that you understand when I tell you that these people are more alive to me than any living person I have ever met.
    Great to see you at the parade the other night! We had a great time! Will you be at Susan’s Endymion party? Rene’ and I are leaning towards going and hope to see you there!

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