1888 I try to bear it patiently

Monroe, La December 31, 1888 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans Louisiana

Malinda Dull Van Emburgh to her daughter Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Dear Daughter

I wrote you a few lines to let you know how all your children are. The baby is growing fast and can eat everything that we give him and does not have collic and is getting so strong Aunt Mary and I can hardly hold him when he gets mad and all the other children keep well.

I am very sorry you improve slowly but you can hardly expect to improve much in a month and expect you fret so it weakens you and that keeps you from doing so well. I so much wish I could see you to see if you are looking any better than when you left home but time goes by so fast and spring will soon be here with pleasant weather and then you can come home and if you can’t come I will go to you with all the children and stay with you on the cot or rent a house and do our own house keeping. I hope to hear from you soon and am glad and very thankful that Mrs. Kline comes to see you . If you want any fresh butter or eggs I will send you some or anything you want let me know and I will try to get it for you. Sister Martha [Martha Dull Harrison] sais she would like to see you.

Mr. Sam Powel lost his life on the boat. I am so glad the disaster did not occur when you were on board.*

Times seems so lonely with out you but I try to bear it patiently and hope you will do the same. William reads all your letters to us all and addresses all my letters for me. I hope the weather will be good and you can go out as I think that will keep your mind imployed and keep you from grieving so much about home. Hoping you are feeling better this morning. I close the baby plays on the floor a good deal and enjoys it very much. Bootsey keeps well and Jennie and Sonnie are as heavy as lead.

Your Mother

*Burning of the John H. Hanna.


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