1889 A little steamboat burned at Trenton on Sunday

Monroe, Louisiana January 2, 1889 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

William Abram O’Kelly to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

My Darling,

I did not write to you yesterday. I let Miller go to Bastrop on Monday and it has been raining ever since. A little steamboat burned at Trenton on Sunday but no one was hurt. She had just landed. *

Sonny has been helping me to clerk since Miller went off he eats his meals here.

We have had a great deal to pay this week but I will do my best to get the money there for you in time if the Sister says anything tell Tom to give you $25 and you can pay that much and keep it out when the money comes but I do not think she will be worried. I am sorry I could not send it to day. I will send it to Tom.

I was elected the delegate to the convention of the Catholic Knights of America to meet on the second Thursday in February which will be the 14th day of the month.

The children seem to be getting on tolerable well. They all moved Saturday to Uncle’s room. Boots got tired and went back early but I found the other two coiled up in Uncle’s bed fast asleep when I went home about 11 o’clock. I threatened to whip them for it but have not done so yet. I believe I will let them off this time. They have great times cooking on the little stove, last Sunday they cooked me several dinners.

The Datton’s have moved out of the old Hilton home and some one else moved in there Monday. I do not know who they are.

All send love

Your affectionate husband

W.A. O’Kelly

* The steamboat Sallie burned at the water’s edge opposite Trenton the Sunday morning of December 30th. She had on board at the time of the 250 bales of cotton, nearly all of which was destroyed.


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