1889 Letter from a friend

Evergreen Place, Ayovelles Parish, Louisiana to Room 22 Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana January 2, 1889

Mrs. Mary Williams* to her friend Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Dear Mrs. O’Kelly,

I got home safe thanks to God for it and felt as well as can be expected. But feel the cold more than while in the city. I got home at two o’clock in the morning and after I got in bed it commence to rain and rained all day yesterday so that no one could get out.

But if it is possible I will send your plants on the next boat And I will try to send the plants I promised Sister Mary Louis And I will put Mrs. Parner’s root of violets in the same box with her name on them. May God bless you all you can not imagine how I miss you all and dear Sister Vincent I can see her cheerful face all the time.

When you receive the plants write a postal to say you got them and if you do not get them in two or three days let me know and I will send more as they are sometimes lost.

And I pray to God you may soon be well and able to be home with your family. Please give my love to Mrs. Parner. Give my love to Sister Vincent And to Sister Mary Louis And remember me kindly to Sister Mary. And also to Kate the nurse in the ward And to all who may inquire about me. Josie** sends her love to you all. And now I will say good day to you And may God bless and protect you all is the wish of your sincere friend.

Mrs. Mary Williams

*Mary Jeanette Spikes, Born June 5,1873 Louisiana Died September 28, 1943 Texas. Daughter of Fred Spikes and Elizabeth Surmons. Wife of James R. Williams

** Lily Josephine Williams, Born September 28, 1894 Ayovelles, Louisiana Died November 25, 1991 Waco, Texas. Daughter of James and Mary Williams. Wife of Floyd Elmer Nixon.


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