1889 I do not want him to practice on you

Monroe, Louisiana to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana January 26th 1889

William Abram O’Kelly Sr. to his wife Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

My Darling

Your letter of the 23rd was received last night. I did not receive the letter from Ma. I don’t see how it could have gone astray.

It has been raining all the week and every thing is slop. Our cook did not turn up this morning and I had to cook breakfast my self. It was half past nine when I got to the stove. I hired another woman to day. She is old Susans daughter. She will come in tomorrow. When is Ma coming home. She said she would stay about a week.

There was several robberies committed in town last night. They got $35 from Judge Richards  and [damaged page] $ from S. Meyers.

The children have bad colds and [page damaged] a little sick with her but we all hoping for the best. It is hard to keep them in the house.

I hope you are still improving and that your sore throat will be well by the time this reaches you. Has Charley Hilton called to see you yet. I do not want him to practice on you.*

All send love,

Your affectionate husband

W.A. O’Kelly

*When William wrote that he did not want family friend Charley Hilton “to practice” on his wife, he was making a joke. You see, Charley was the coroner of Monroe at the time.


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