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1889 Let me know how your throat is

Monroe, Louisiana January 29th 1889 to Hotel Dieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

Malinda Dull Van Emburgh to her daughter Georgiana Van Emburgh O’Kelly

Dear Daughter

I arrived home without any trouble went to Mr. Theobald [1] and had breakfast with them and then ran over with Miss Mollie [2] to Mr. Marletts [3] for Bootsey to see her little nieces [4] and they both came back with her one holding on each hand and she was not afraid of any of them they are all very nice and kind people and I thanked Miss Mollie for you and told her you were not able to write and Mrs Theobald [5] said when you come home you must stop and stay two or three days with them and rest yourself and it will do you good.

I found all the children well except colds the baby was glad to see me he came to me and threw his little arms around my neck and held on to me like he was afraid I would leave him again. When you come home do not come the route I came home it is the roughest traveling I ever done some times it would nearly shake you to pieces. It was very cold when we got to Vicksburg and in the evening it cleared off and the sun came out and it felt very pleasant. Dear Child I hope you are having some nice weather and that you are feeling better and I hope you are not too low spirited the time is so short though I know you will find it long like my self. The children all like their things very well.

Sonny cried last night because I had not brought him a tie like his Pa’s and this morning when I asked him what I must tell you for him he said to tell you to get him a tie like his Pa’s if you feel like it. Let me know how your throat is.

I do not know if the Theobolds know Father Herfelt (maybe Herselt or Herbelt?) or not but they know a good deal about him and how he has been traveling about for the last three years. Lizzauers here when I got home and Fannie came the next day praying always that you may be better. I close.

Your Mother

P.S. Miss Mollie gave Bootsey a nice white rosary and she gave me an agnes (?) day

[1] George Peter Theobald of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Born 1832 Bavaria, Germany Died 1897 Vicksburg Mississippi. Husband of Mary Anna Klott.

[2] May Magdalene Theobald, daughter of George Peter Theobald and Mary Anne Klott. Born 1858 New Orleans, Louisiana Died 1926 Vicksburg, Mississippi.

[3] James Robert Marlett, husband of Laurette Theobold. Born 1860 Vicksburg, Mississippi Died 1901 Vicksburg, Mississippi.

[4] Wilhelmina and Elizabeth Marlett.


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