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Born: abt. 1800 Pennsylvania Upper Providence, Montgomerey, Pennsylvania.
Died: March 13, 1845

Son of Christian Dull and Elizabeth Essigh. Husband to 1) Domicle Pernet 2) Julia Pernet.

James Dull was a contractor and planter who came to the Ouachita Colony from Pennsylvania and purchased a tract of land at the “Old French Colony” on Bayou DeSiard in the 1820’s. He carved out his homestead from the wilderness and named his plantation home Kiloden which he named for the poem Culloden. In 1826 he married Domicile Pernet and when she passed away he married again to her her sister Julia in 1833. James was a member of the School Board and the Ouachita Parish Police Jury. When James died he was buried on his land, but the monument was destroyed by a subsequent owner.

1832 Distribution of Funds for Ouachita Parish Public Schools

7th Judicial Public School Meeting

Ouachita Parish 7th Judicial District May term 1832

We the grand jury find that an unequal distribution of the publick school fund has been made, but not in consequence of the administrators but in consequence of the lameness of the law as experience has taught us that an amendment can be made and that [page torn] good will result there from. We do recommend that an equal division of the money constituting the school funds be made, and that each ward of this parish have the distribution of it’s own funds to be expanded in supporting one or more schools in each ward and that each ward have a committe of three or five and it’s treasurer. We do acknowledge  our wishes are that the poor of our parish derive [page torn] for there and it is by the mode above laid down that the greatest and most essential good will be done to the poor as there are several Wards in the parish we wish that the moneys now in our hand or in the Treasury be divided between the several Wards in the parish and the money as it comes from the State Treasury be divided between the several Wards of our parish we further pray that your honour will have the goodness to recommend this opinion of the grand jury in and for the parish of Ouachita State of Louisiana to be laid before the proper authority to cause the above mode to be adopted for this parish

Subject to amendment


J. Davenport , Thomas C. Lewis, Andrew AH Knox , Benna Serileu, James Gwin, William Honeycut, James Dull, John F. Faulk, John Owens, Samuel Newman, Charles B. Moore, Sovera Pernet, David Sims, John [illegible], Batist Hamilton.

7th Judicial Meeting Signatures


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